Detox Dead Sea Bath Salts

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An all natural bath salt to detoxify and stimulate your mind, soothe your body and maintain healthy skin. This blend is made with nutrient dense Dead Sea salts, Hiwa Kai Hawaiian black lava salts, sodium bicarbonate, epsom salts, bentonite clay to draw out impurities, and a stimulating blend of peppermint and eucalyptus oils.
Dead Sea salts contain 21 minerals and are high in magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride, and bromides and provide dermatological benefits.
*Works closely with the liver to rid the body of toxins
*Combats stress and fluid retention
*Calms the nervous system
*Energizes the body
*Balances skin moisture
*Eases muscle stiffness and relaxes muscles


Maris Sal (Dead Sea Salt), Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Hiwa Kai Black Lava Salt, Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt), Bentonite, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)


Contents weight: 15 oz. - 425 g.

Quick Facts

Scented with peppermint and eucalyptus oils. A great blend to help with congestion due to cough and cold.

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Jennifer Fisher
Detox Dead Sea Bath Salts

I’ve been using this for a few years now. I love it and especially use it when feeling under the weather.