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Meet Lara — The Owner of Lamb’s Soapworks!

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Hi I’m Lara — the owner of Lamb’s Soapworks! 👋

Back in the day, I worked in restaurant and commercial kitchens. After I got married, I decided to step back from kitchen work and realized I had a ton of extra time on my hands. I was dying for something creative to do, so I got to work creating soap.

…I absolutely loved it. After that first batch of soap, there was no going back. That’s when Lamb’s Soapworks was born. (over 7 years ago now!!)

Lamb’s was born out of a desire to create beautiful natural hand-crafted soap and bath and body products that I’m proud of.

I know that each and every product I put my heart and soul into creating, will end up being used on your skin. That‘s why I only use natural pure ingredients in all my product lines. 

If my family wouldn’t use it, I sure as heck don’t expect you to! 🤔

One of my favourite things in this world? When you tell me how much you love our hand-crafted products, and how much they’ve helped your skin.

That’s what Lamb’s is truly all about.

When you purchase my products, you can say hello to pure ingredients (and heavenly scents!) and goodbye to unwanted toxins.

I love what I do and am inspired each and every day to create and infuse a little slice of joy into someone else’s world!

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