Loofah Bar Trio Set

Give the gift of all three of our favourite loofah soap bars.


Clean, exfoliate, and slough away dry dead skin with this all natural moisturizing loofah scrub soap bar. Handcrafted with plant-based oils and butters with an invigorating blend of essential oils. Naturally coloured. Made with olive, coconut, sustainable palm, castor oils and shea butter.
This gift set combines all three of our favourite loofah soap bars-Lemongrass Ginger Basil; Lime Pink Grapefruit Fir; and Mandarin Orange Amber.


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Quick Facts

Individual loofah soap bar weight: 85 g. - 3 oz.
Each gift set contains 9 oz. of loofah soap bars packaged in a clear bag tied with a kraft tag.
The loofah sponge comes from the loofah gourd which looks similar and is from the same family of vines as a cucumber.



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