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Imperfects Soap Bag

2 pound bag of imperfect soap bars

(1 customer review)


Everyone deserves good soap! We've packaged up an assortment of half bars and end cuts of our natural handcrafted soaps into 2 pound bags. This amount of premium soap would cost you close to $55.
All bags contain a varied assortment of soap-every bag is different and unique.



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Quick Facts

2 pounds of imperfect half soap bars, soap fingers, and end cuts.
Option to include a sample dishwashing soap bar inside your bag.


1 review for Imperfects Soap Bag

  1. Daniel Macneil (verified owner)

    Wow, I bought 5 and I am glad I did. I counted the pieces and one bag had 22 and the other had 20. Plus the big dishwashing bar. Such a nice variety some are like works of art. I’ve given my friends one and the website so they can buy their own.

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