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Unscented Cocoa Butter Body Butter

(2 customer reviews)


Gentle enough for baby's skin, this unscented body butter is ultra rich due to its high cocoa butter content. The unrefined cacao butter gives this body butter a subtle chocolate scent. Rich and thick without being greasy. Sure to help those who suffer from skin afflictions such as eczema and psoriasis.


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Quick Facts

Contents weight: 236 ml / 8 fl. oz
Packaged in an amber glass recyclable jar.


2 reviews for Unscented Cocoa Butter Body Butter

  1. Natalie & Kiera

    Does have a slight coco scent which I didn’t mind at all. Absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave your skin sticky or greasy for hours. Best body butter I have used to date.

  2. Julie S

    Hands down the best body butter I have ever come across! Yes there is a natural Cocoa smell and it smells good enough to actually eat. A little goes a long way and once it soaks in it keeps you nice and hydrated for the day.

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