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Lamb’s Soapworks Brand Ambassador Search

Friday, August 5, 2016

We are feeling rested after a joyful July and are pumped and ready to move forward in Lamb’s creative process. I realize we would be nowhere without you, the lovely people who support our business. Saying this, I am EXCITED to announce the launch of Lamb’s Soapworks Brand Ambassador Search! I am seeking 4-5 beautiful souls (inside & out) from across Canada to test out, give detailed feedback, and share Lamb’s lovely products on their social media feeds.
If you feel you are the perfect candidate, here are the criteria I am basing my choices on:
1•PHOTOSTYLING. Lamb’s IG feed is one that is built on aesthetically-pleasing, clear, well-styled photos of Lamb’s products, so in turn this is what we are looking for from you, the chosen brand rep.
2•NATURAL LIFESTYLE. Lamb’s is inspired by a natural back-to-basics lifestyle. In turn, Lambs’ ambassadors should be natural, back to basics, pure product loving enthusiasts!
Here is how the search will go:
1•Follow @lambsoapworks
2•Style and share a NEW photo (or 2 or 10) on your feed showcasing how you would represent Lamb’s (bonus points if your photo contains a Lamb’s product)
3•Tag AND mention @lambsoapworks in your post
4•Hashtag the photo #lambsoapworksbrandrep and explain in the caption all of the ways you would make the most perfect Lamb’s ambassador (your feed must be public)
5•This last step is not mandatory but is just a nice “to do”: tag your friends in the comments below if you think they would make a fantastic rep too #repbesties 
The search will run August 3-August 18, 2016 and reps will be notified via IG DM. Ambassadors will sign on to a 2-month term beginning August 20, 2016.
By entering, you are giving Lamb’s Soapworks permission to use your entry photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Etsy + any promo material. 
Open to Canadian residents. This search is not affiliated with Instagram. 
Can’t wait to see your photos, hear your feedback, and walk down a clean, healthy, joyful path together!

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