About Lamb's Soapworks - Our Past, Present and Future Story

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Origin of the Name

Lamb’s company name originated with a hand painted original sign which dressed my great uncle’s lawn during the 1950’s. The sign features one black sheep and one white sheep and was gifted to me after his passing. Eventually, I fell in love with a man with the last name of Lamb. Lamb’s Soapworks seemed like a perfect fit for a business name and a fitting tribute to both our families.

Getting Started

Lamb’s was born out of a desire to create beautiful natural hand-crafted soap and bath and body products we are proud of.

We know that each and every product we put our heart and soul into creating, will end up being used on your skin. That ‘s why Lamb’s only uses natural pure ingredients in all our product lines. Because if our family wouldn’t use it, why would we expect you to?

Food For The Skin You’re In

Founder of Lamb's Soapworks

My name is Lara Lamb. I am the owner/creator of Lamb’s Soapworks.

With a previous career working in restaurant and commercial kitchens, crafting soap seemed like a natural progression. After that first batch of soap, there was no going back and Lamb's Soapworks was born.

Once people use natural handmade soaps, they never go back to using commercial soap products stripped of all natural glycerins and oils and pumped full of harmful chemicals and detergents.

My most rewarding moments are those personal interactions with customers who tell me their stories of how much they love our hand-crafted products and what a difference using them has made to their skin.

I love what I do and am inspired each and every day to create and infuse a little slice of joy into someone else's world!

Our Ingredients

I strive to use the best possible, sustainably sourced and harvested raw ingredients to go into the products I create. It is important to me to not only use pure ingredients but to source the best prices for those ingredients to pass onto you, the customer.

As Lamb’s grows, it is a priority to source and use as many locally grown raw materials and botanicals in our products as we can.

The Value of Good Sources

All of our products are created with unrefined vegetable-based pure oils and butters.

The oils we use in our soap production are plantation grown and sustainably harvested. Our suppliers adhere to global alliance standards for fair business trade.

It is of the utmost importance to Lamb’s to take care of, not only our customer’s health, but the health of our planet.

You will never find parabens, petrolatum, phthalates, or GMO’s in our raw ingredients or finished product.

And our products are never tested on animals.

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